Wood furniture

Dr. Pro’sKit - Make Your Own Flower Rack

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With the rise of environmental awareness, more and more people turn to DIY crafts as they may be more unique than general products and eco-friendly as well.


Among many kinds of material, wood is well-loved by its serene character and high flexibility. Today Dr. Pro’s kit will lead you to join the world of DIY Woodworking and create your very own woodworking flower rack.


In case you may be a beginner, we’d like to start with simple woodworking products, which easy to make with success.

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Right tools just make things go smoothly. Here is the recommendation list for.



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Now, let’s welcome Pro's kit Babe to show us how to create a special DIY carpentry! Pro's kit Babe can, so you can!



【DIY woodworking tool recommended】


Miscellaneous:MS-710  (Anti-Fog UV Protective Glasses)
                          MS-701  (Particulate KN95 Respirator with Valve)

Power Tools:PT-1206A  (12V Li-Ion Cordless Drill Driver) 
                       PT-1805A  (18V Li-Ion Cordless Jig Saw)

Soldering:GK-361U  (3.6V Li-ion USB Glue Gun)